TSCHS President’s Award


In 2015, the Society’s President and Board of Trustees created a new award to recognize outstanding service contributions to the Society. The President’s Award is announced each year at the John Hemphill Dinner.

2015 Recipients
Dylan O. Drummond and David A. Furlow

Award recipients Dylan Drummond (left) and David Furlow at the 2015 Hemphill Dinner. At the podium is 2014-15 TSCHS President Marie Yeates, who made the award in recognition of their outstanding teamwork on the Society’s Journal and Dylan’s leadership on the new website.


2016 Recipient
Warren W. Harris

2015-16 TSCHS President Ben Mesches (right) presents the 2016 President’s Award to Warren Harris for his leadership of the Fellows’ Taming Texas book project and judicial civics program.


2017 Recipient

Patrick A. "Pat" Nester


Recently retired Society Executive Director Pat Nester is recognized by 2016-17 Society President Macey Reasoner Stokes for his outstanding leadership and service.


2018 Recipient

Cynthia Timms


2017-18 President Dale Wainwright stands with honoree Cynthia Timms, a long-time Society board member, officer, and program supporter.


2019 Recipient
David A. Furlow


2018–19 Society President Marcy Greer honored Board member and Fellow David A. Furlow for his many contributions to the Society’s programs, including serving as Executive Editor of the TSCHS Journal, organizing the 2018 Great War Commemoration Ceremony, and spearheading the Society’s annual session at the Texas State Historical Association Annual Meeting.

2020 Recipients
Sharon Sandle – TSCHS Executive Director and Mary Sue Miller – TSCHS Administrative Coordinator.
2019-20 President Dylan O. Drummond presented these awards during the first-ever Virtual Hemphill Dinner on September 11, 2020. President Drummond also presented two additional awards, a Distinguished Service Award to Hon. Paul Green for his longtime service to the Society as court liaison, and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Marilyn P. Duncan, former Managing Editor of the Society's Journal, co-author of the Taming Texas textbook series, and editor of the Society's 2014 compilation of Chief Justice Jack Pope's writings. 
2021 Recipient 
Stephen Pate


2020-21 President Cynthia Timms stands with honoree Stephen Pate, Society Trustee and Journal Executive Articles Editor.
 2022 Recipient
Honorable John J. Browning
The 2022 President's Award went to the Honorable John J. Browning, Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society. In addition to serving as the Editor-In-Chief of the Society's Journal, the Hon. John Browning has also written numerous articles, news items, and book reviews for the Journal. He was a panelist for the Society's session at the Texas State Historical Association Annual Meeting this year. This is just one of many awards that the Hon. John Browning has received for his excellence as a lawyer and as a scholar.

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